Finch calls and songs

Sounds made by different species
Seagreen Red-faced Parrot Finch copyright Stephanie Thompson

Are you thinking about keeping finches indoors, close to your living room or bedroom?  An important consideration is how much noise the different species make.

On this page you'll find a guide to how loud, quiet or melodious are the calls and songs of various finch species.  Use it to help choose a finch collection that will be right for you.  You can even play sound clips!

Already got finches?  Please contribute to this guide.  Submit missing information and sound clips here.

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Finch species…
Finch species for a…
  • Species  Names by which species are commonly known.
  • Frequency  Percentage of waking hours spent calling.
  • Volume  Average loudness.
  • Pleasantness  Whether calls are easy on the ear, or grating.
  •   Listen to sound clips of finch calls.
  • Musicality  Whether songs have a melodious quality.
  •   Listen to sound clips of finch songs.
Species Calls Song
Frequency Volume Pleasantness Musicality
Avadavat, Green
Green Strawberry
20% Loud Neutral Musical

Strawberry Finch
20% Loud Neutral Musical
Black Rumped
40% Neutral
Canary 60% Loud Neutral Musical
Cordon Bleu Waxbill,
Blue Capped
30% Medium Neutral Musical
Cordon Bleu Waxbill,
Red Cheeked
30% Medium Neutral Musical
Crimson Finch Medium
Cuban Melodious

Cuban Grassquit
Cuban Finch
60% Medium Neutral Musical
Cut Throat Finch 30% Loud Neutral Non-musical
Diamond Sparrow
Firetail Finch
European Goldfinch 30% Medium Neutral Musical
Firefinch, Red-billed
5% Quiet Neutral Rare/no song
Golden Song
80% Loud Harsh Non-musical
Gouldian Finch
Lady Gouldian Finch
20% Quiet Pleasant Musical
Greenfinch Neutral
Grenadier Weaver 30%
Green Singer
Grey Singer
70% Loud Pleasant Musical
Jacarini Finch
5% Quiet Pleasant
Java Finch
Java Sparrow
50% Medium Neutral Musical
Lavender Waxbill 20% Quiet Neutral Musical
Longtail Grassfinch
Shaftail Grassfinch
60% Medium Harsh Musical
Masked Grassfinch 60% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Melba Finch
Green-winged Pytilia
40% Quiet Neutral
10% Quiet Neutral Non-musical
Orange Breasted

30% Quiet Pleasant Musical
Orange Cheeked
80% Medium Harsh Non-musical
Owl Finch 90% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Painted Firetail 50% Medium Neutral
Parrot Finch,
Blue Faced
Parrot Finch,
Parrot Finch,
Parrot Finch,
30% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Parrot Finch,

Parrot Finch,
20% Quiet Neutral Non-musical
Parson's Finch
Black Throated
50% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Cherry Finch
10% Quiet
Silverbill 80% Medium Musical
Siskins Medium Pleasant Musical
Society Finch
Bengalese Finch
90% Loud Neutral Non-musical
Spice Finch 20% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Star Finch 90% Medium Neutral Non-musical
Swee Waxbill 20% Loud Neutral
Twinspot, Green Neutral Musical
Zebra Finch 90% Medium Neutral Non-musical

Finch species for a quiet aviary

  • Firefinches
  • Gouldian Finches
  • Jacarinis  (Note that they may call quietly at night)
  • Melba Finches
  • Munias
  • Lavender Waxbills
  • Orange Breasted Waxbills
  • Tricolour Parrot Finches

Finch species for a singing aviary

  • Avadavats
  • Canaries
  • Cordon Bleu Waxbills
  • Cuban Melodious Finches
  • European Goldfinches
  • Grey / Green Singers
  • Java Finches
  • Longtail Grassfinches
  • Silverbills
  • Siskins
  • Green Twinspots

Finch species for a raucous aviary

  • Canaries
  • Golden Song Sparrows
  • Grey / Green Singers
  • Society Finches

Finch Vocalisations Guide

This page updates Finch Stuff's popular Finch Vocalisations Guide.

How loud is loud?

Even the loudest finch is quieter than the quietest parrot.  With few exceptions, finches are quiet birds.

However, when finches are breeding, babies in the nest call to their parents to be fed.  This can raise the volume quite a lot.

Books about songbirds

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Give us your input!

This table is not complete.  Please help to fill in the missing data by telling us about the sounds made by finches you keep.

We also need sound clips.  Record your birds calling or singing, and we'll add your sound clips to the chart.

Please submit your information and sound files here.

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