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Privacy Policy

Using the Finch Stuff website

We follow Australia's Privacy Act 1988, including the Privacy Amendment Act 2012 and the Privacy Regulation 2013, which set out principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

Your personal information

Any information you provide to us via this website is used only to communicate with you personally and/or as agreed with you.  We do not share your personal information with other people or organisations.

Anonymous web statistics may also be collected for each site visitor, including but not limited to browser type and version, operating system, pages viewed, page access times and referring website address.  This information is used internally for the purpose of understanding visitor trends and enhancing the website.

Your intellectual property

You may choose to contribute photographs, sound files or finch-related information to Finch Stuff.  In doing so you grant Finch Stuff the right to edit and display your photos, and to edit and make your sound files playable by other site visitors at no charge, and to include the finch-related information you provide, in a manner that accords with the themes of the Finch Stuff website and as per our judgement.

In submitting photographs, sound files or finch-related information, you testify that you are the sole copyright owner of these materials and have the right to grant Finch Stuff these permissions.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to make amendments to this Privacy Policy.

In future it is possible that we may utilise visitor and contributor information in new, unanticipated ways not expressly described in this current privacy notice.  If our information practices change substantially, visitors and contributors of photographs, sound files or finch-related information, will be notified and invited to participate or abstain from the updated practices, and the Privacy Policy on this page will be amended accordingly.

If you have objections to this Privacy Policy, you should not access or use this site, nor submit photographs, sound files or finch-related information.


We take your privacy seriously.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.